Double Whammy! Friday feature: In Focus and New Style Alert

by Zainab Ashadu

I invite you to meet a bag so beautiful that I slept with it on my bed for a week after its creation. It's called The Justice, named so because it was inspired by a real life Chief Justice! I bumped into the beautiful and very tall Justice when I went to visit her daughter and she mentioned to me, very casually "Design a bag that you think will be suitable for me and I will wear it", sauntering out of the room graceful as a dancer.

It was an order,  so I came up with something suitable. And my goodness did she love it!

Name: The Justice

Size: 14w x 11w x 7depth inches

Material: Black textured and gold lambskin leather 

Features: Stiff reinforced handle, large functional front pocket, snap-shut top with zip closure for security, two large phone pockets, side zip pocket and large matching gold leather detachable pouch with zip fastening.

Perfect for: Day, Work, Serious times ;)

Inspired by: The Justice herself

Behaviour and quirks: The Justice is a large boxy and very sturdy bag-cum-briefcase. Worn as a handheld, this bag is very lady like and structured. It is the sort of bag you take with you into a meeting in which you must come out victorious: simply place it on the table firmly upon your arrival and half the work is done!