Say "Hi" to the new love of my life; the TKO


So, I was very happy to take an active stand against the removal of the fuel subsidy in Nigeria, by going out onto the streets and protesting by day, and perfecting the design of a bag that has been in my head for a loooooong time by night.

Only hardcore Zashadu fans will know about my vintage handbag collection going into the hundreds that I started when I was 16 and was able to earn my own money; before then I had been 'borrowing' my mother's bags from the age of 8, and I was a tomboy so this passion runs deep. Despite my extensive collection, I was yet to find the perfect travel bag. A few have come close but still lacked a certain something; so I decided to make my own.

I'd like to introduce the TotalKnockOut or TKO (more on the name later). It has been a wonderful companion on my recent trips, fitting everything I need, readily accessible and expandable, perfect for stress reduced flights. It measures 9x6 inches, has adjustable/removable shoulder strap, expandable sides, retractable handle, and various compartments inside. It is also unassuming and rather beautiful looking if I may say so myself :)

I shall have more colour variations to come soon.


Till then, enjoy the rest of the week x

Moss green printed leather and gold, mine and been wearing it EVERYWHERE :)


Plum and Neon bespoke for Zara Okpara, 100% hers; this babe showed me pepper, kai!


Python and gold