What a year...


2011 has been wonderful and as I write this from my family home in London, whilst visitng, I cannot help but count every blessing, no matter how small, and the recollection leaves me in awe.

Whatever dreams you have, pursue them with all your might, for it already belongs to you; you just have to get to the destination to claim it. Kindness and good manners will get you everywhere as will patience and moderation.

Enjoy these amazing shots of me selecting leather in the market, by Medina Dugger, whose friendship has been one of my many blessings of 2011. 

Wishing you all a Happy New Year full of light and love x


Conquering my fear of Neon; it'll all make sense v. soon...


So this is how I purse my lips when I am concentrating!


Zashadu is a real team effort!


And there's no mistaking who the boss is!


You can't imagine just how many shades of Gold there are! And by God I love gold...