'Of Flight and Substance' New collection at Lagos Fashion Week, 26th Oct-29th 2011


'Of Flight and Substance' was directly inspired by the brilliant Joanna Newsom's "Have One on Me" album.The artwork for the album determined the colour pallete for this collection and I completely drowned in her music as I chiseled away at the collection.

I have introduced only one new style and just played around with reworking what are now considered Zashadu classics. I also fused old with new by combining once more vintage Aso Oke fabric with leather, and I  took apart a very much loved beautiful ornate black velvet beaded vintage clutch purse from my private collection and blended it into the new design.

I will show more pictures from the collection during the show and update you on Lagos Fashion Week. I am SUPER excited and can't wait to TOUCH Maki Oh's new collection. Oh almighty Father, hold me back!


My beloved vintage beaded clutch


Butchering in the name of love


Box clutch, green nubuck, vintage aso oke


Doctor's bag, green nubuck, vintage aso oke


Fringing About, vintage aso oke, python skin


Raw material (Joanna Newsom trance)


Joanna Newsom's beautiful masterpiece