Lagos Fashion Week!


The MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week an initiative of StyleHouseFiles and MTN Nigeria, wraps up today. It has been a great experience for Leather Designers of Nigeria, it's funny to see the shocked looks on people's faces when they discover everything, "yes everything in this stall is handmade in Nigeria!"

For Zashadu, I cannot describe what it is like when admirers come up to express their love for our collection, I don't know whose smiles are the broadest, mine or theirs! Also, the latest collection is a massive hit, especially the waist belts with semi-precious stones set in brass that have almost sold out!

Tonight, the 12 young designers competing for the Young Designer of the year award will debut in a catwalk show that will close LFDW and I have been appointed as stylist for this show. I am looking forward to it very much indeed.


Waxing lyrical about Leather Designers of Nigeria


Zashadu stand styled by Karimah Ashadu


New Leather and Semi-Precious stone waist belts


Zashadu Collectors loving the new bags


Of Flight and Substance, Tie Me Up


More of the new collection